Dr Nick Osborn - Consultant Analyst & Trainer

Dr Nick Osborn has national recognition for his expertise in criminal intelligence and investigation. He is an experienced and competent risk consultant, auditor, trainer, coach and mentor, with proven performance-based supervisory and management experience.  Whilst having a very broad knowledge of investigations, Nick specialises in risk management; security processes including the money laundering regulations and requirements; and management development. Nick has worked with the following organisations to develop their people and systems:

  • Anotah Group (Kuwait) coaching, consultancy and supporting the Management & Leadership Programme.
  • Home Office (CSAS, DDO, City of London Police, MPS, SOCA and PCSO).  Professional Needs Analysis (and TNA) for Designated Detention Officers; risk management; leadership and management development programme for MPS.
  • Honda (Institute) UK (Advanced Management Development Programme) and the ‘Premier’ and ‘Masters Programme’ for senior management.
  • Most Local Authorities in the UK (under the PINS 6M Project through the BA and then DWP)
  • Identity & Passport Service (Integrity Review and Project Lead on MIT)
  • Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC): assessment for Investigative Managers (supplement to Investigative Managers Development Programme)
  • Jobcentre Plus (DWP): Risk Management Unit, London Region (Criminal Analysis, SIO and OIU); NW Region (Model OIU and Inspection); Change Team ( introduction of NIM, Risk Management and control mechanisms and Analyst Development Programme (Risk Identification and Intelligence Application).
  • Risk Assurance Division (RAD); risk management; internal investigations and audit
  • Royal Mail (previously Consignia) – Intelligence Project (NIM compliance); risk reduction and procedural compliance
  • Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) delivering management development training and risk management.
  • UKPS (now the Identification and Passport Service): Organisational Development (FIU restructure); Operations Management, Joint and Collaborative Management.  Training of the National Major Investigation Team (based in Glasgow); the Operational Intelligence Unit (based in London) and the Internal Assurance Unit (London).


As a visiting lecturer with the University of Westminster (MBA Programme he has designed and delivered the leadership residential weekends to facilitate learning and development of graduate managers.  As a University of Portsmouth Mentor/Tutor he has provided coaching and academic support to undergraduate professionals in risk, security and law.