Peter Brant - Senior Trainer & Criminal Investigation Specialist

Peter is our senior trainer and criminal investigation specialist. Peter joined us after a distinguished career as a senior detective in the Metropolitan Police. He has led many major investigation teams including high profile cases and was commended for his skills and abilities. His experience as head of the Metropolitan and City of London Police Fraud Squad  has been invaluable to many of our clients. In addition to detective work he took command of the policing of a London Borough and spearheaded an important and successful initiative to promote equal opportunities within the service.   


Peter is hugely appreciated by our learners and gains their respect for his supportive and approachable personal style. In the training room he is inspiring and ensures the success of all his learners by adapting his approach to where they are. 


Some of our clients Peter has worked with to develop their skills include:

  • Child Support Agency – developing staff in desk based intelligence skills
  • Criminal Records Bureau – delivering accredited counter fraud specialist training
  • Department for Work and Pensions – delivering accredited criminal intelligence analysis training and intelligence awareness for managers
  • Identity and Passport Service -– delivering accredited counter fraud specialist training
  • Independent Police Complaints Commission – delivering both the accredited investigators training and the senior investigating officers training
  • Pension and Overseas Directorate – delivering criminal intelligence analysis training.