Week 1 - ACFIP

Day 1

  • Background to legislation; statute, common and case law (judicial precedent); offence terminology; interpretation of expressions; and ‘points to prove’ summary
  • Role of the Crown Prosecution Service and the two tests
  • Review of key offences relating to fraud -Theft Act, Criminal Attempts Act, Criminal Law Act and Bribery Act, definition of dishonesty, false accounting, mens rea, burden and standard of proof
  • Ethics and standards


Day 2

  • ‘What is an offence of fraud’: identification of key factors
  • Determining the investigation pathway: matching the criminal activity to the right offence
  • Intelligence-led investigation; investigative intelligence; National Intelligence Model (NIM) and working in partnership


Day 3

  • Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • The investigation rules and procedural legislation: what you can and cannot do as an investigator!
  • Human Rights Act, Criminal Procedures Investigations Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, application of reasonable and proportionate approaches
  • Safety and security of information: freedom of information (FoI), public interest disclosure
  • Equality and investigations


Day 4

  • Fraud Investigation Model - the intelligence-led Investigation Model (Intelligence Cycle); and the referral process
  • Collection plans  -building effective plans to identify key information and evidence
  • Introduction to case management
  • Mapping for investigation


Day 5

  • Data protection and fairness considerations
  • Evaluating data, information, and criminal intelligence – the 3x5x2 system
  • Investigative risk assessment
  • Reporting and case conferences

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