Week 3 - ACFIP

Day 1

  • Introduction to investigative interviewing – applying the 7 principles of investigative interviewing
  • Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) Code of Practice “C” – investigators role – cautioning suspected persons, information to be provided, conduct of interviews, legal representation, no comment interviews, special conditions, vulnerable persons and record keeping
  • Recording the interview – including PACE Codes of Practice “E” – following a structure to ensure PACE Code”E” requirements for audio recording, special cases, protocols to follow and procedure to follow if legal representative is obstructing the interview
  • PEACE model overview – An introduction to the standard PEACE model for conducting interviews – Planning and Preparation, Engage, Account, Clarification and Challenge, Closure and Evaluation


Day 2

  • The PEACE model – developing effective interview plans, pre-interview disclosure, establishing a working relationship, obtaining the interviewee’s own uninterrupted account, Expanding and clarifying their account, challenging the interviewee’s account, effective questioning skills, effective listening skills, using topics and summaries, using the TED model, interview closure procedures and evaluating the interview.
  • Practical interview exercise briefing & preparation – preparing for the interview under caution (IUC) which follows on Day 3 based on the programme case study


Day 3

  • Practical interview exercise – continued preparation for the IUC, interview with a professional role actor using the material generated in the programme., in depth feedback with trainer and role actor


Day 4

  • Courts and the legal system – types of law, types of courts, differences between summary trails and those on indictment, how law differs in parts of the United Kingdom and who makes prosecution decisions
  • Presenting evidence – review of types of evidence and how evidence is presented in court, attending court, court etiquette, practical tips for giving evidence and the body-voice-mind triangle
  • Practical court exercise – delegates give their evidence from the case study to a mock court, feedback from trainer


Day 5

  • Briefing for Module 8 assignment
  • File preparation – preparing a prosecution file for the CPS, anticipated guilty pleas, link to disclosure and MG forms procedures


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