Interview Skills - 4 days

Pre-course material


  • Required reading about PACE, PEACE and interview protocols
  • Delegates will be required to conduct a witness interview (real of simulated) before attendance on the course.


Course Content


  • Structuring interviews using  the PEACE model
  • Cognitive interviewing versus conversation management
  • Principles of investigative interviewing
  • Planning for an interview
  • Witness interviews
  • Interviews under caution
  • PACE Codes of Practice C & E
  • Interviewing vulnerable people
  • Recording the interview
  • Completing MG 11 and MG 15 forms
  • Evaluating interviews
  • Practical interview with professional role actor and debrief



  • One multiple choice objective choice test
  • A case study assignment where the delegate debriefs the interview conducted on the course, showing what they have learned and identifying areas for improvement. 
Interview Skills.pdf
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