Counter Fraud Investigation Training - Online and Face to Face

We provide training in counter fraud investigation skills. Robert Naylor started the company in 1995 and since then we have shown a passion for delivering great training to many customers in the both the public and private sectors. Chalk and talk is not what we do - we create exciting learning programmes which involve learners.  


Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Programme (ACFS) - Online

The 2017 Annual Fraud Indicator put the losses due to fraud in UK at a staggering £190bn annually. There is pressing need for skilled and professional fraud investigators to ensure these losses are reduced and frauds are investiagted effectively. How can you gain these skills? Our Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Programme (ACFS) will give you them.


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Tailoring Programmes For Your Needs

Building on our core ACFS syllabus we can design material and sessions specific to your needs as a n organisation. For example, we provide inputs of on the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act to those involved in social housing investigations. Talk to us about your needs and we can provide a bespoke programme to include all your requirements.